Insta Sugar Ebook

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Over the years I have learnt A LOT when it comes to social media, especially Instagram.

This Ebook will be the perfect guide for you to start, or improve, your business and its Instagram social media presence!

This Ebook covers all of the tactics I’ve used to build followings of over 500k, including:

  • Posting 101 – Who, what, when, where, how? My top tips for posting.
  • Content – Some simple tips and tricks that will make your content POP.
  • Hashtags – #wtf #dopeopleevenlookathashtags
  • Copy/comments – Writing copy doesn’t come naturally? Tips to help the words flow.
  • Building a following  – “We want a million followers and we want it NOW!” Let me break it down for you.
  • User Generated Content  – How do we get people to post? And post what we like?
  • Ambassadors – Navigating the world of Instagram influencers.

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  1. Carla Preston

    This Ebook gave me some really simple and easy tips on how to navigate Instagram to benefit my business. It was really easy and simple to read and understand. I’m looking forward to start putting it into practice

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing your Instagram tips Molly!

  3. Reviewer

    Hey Molly!

    I’ve had a brand in mind for a new clothing label for quiet sometime now, just didn’t know where to start.

    I gave your ebook a good read last night, and it’s given me just enough confidence to embark of this new journey.

    Thank you!

  4. Honey Bug Activities (verified owner)

    To begin and sustain my little project ‘Honey Bug activities’ I have and continue to rely heavily on my Social Sugar Ebook. I hoped to reach as many parents and carers that I could to motivate and inspire them to create fun an engaging activities for their babies. I just didn’t know how to reach the right audience. I knew where to find them and follow them myself but I didn’t know how to get Mumma’s, Pappa’s and carers to follow us. After some time I discovered random pages following our page and I was losing and gaining between 20-50 followers a night 🤷🏼‍♀️ Who were these people unfollowing us? Parents and carers? If so why were they unfollowing us? So many questions! That’s where social sugar came in to relieve all the confusion and guide us in the right direction! Thanks Social Sugar! 🦄🍭

  5. rissjamo (verified owner)

    Hi Molly,
    Your ebook gave me the confidence on instagram I needed to start my new business page.

    Thanks so much x

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